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Your Just A Few Clicks Away From Your Perfect Gift!

For Her


Why are women so hard to buy for? 

Actually they aren't hard to buy for at all. 

You just have to know what to look for and

 how to determine what would be the 

perfect gift for each woman. 

 What kind of woman is she?  

The fun and adventurous type? 

You know, the one that's always ready 

to try something new, dance the night

 away or go on an adventure vacation 

on a moments notice.

The artsy bohemian type? 

She is generally relaxed and doesn't seem to 

be in a hurry. Enjoys smelling the flowers,

 aroma therapy and saving the planet.

The go getter type? 

She has multiple college degrees, a career

 that is fast paced and runs 5 miles with her

 dog every morning. She may be the first

 to speak up but will listen close if it's 

something that interests her.

The homemaker type? 

On the outside she seems perfectly happy

 with the way things are but on the inside

 she would love some new things to make

 the rooms of her home POP.

The passionate emotional type? 

Finds meaning in everything. 

There really isn't a bad gift for her,

 just make sure it relates to something 

important to her and makes her happy.

All Kinds Of Gift Ideas For Her

Wine Gifts     Gifts For Mom

The Office      Romantic

Quite Time     Woman's Health

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For Him


Some say that men are much easier to

 buy for than women but the fact is men

 usually desire much more unique

 gifts than women. 

Also you may have heard that women

 always want what another women

 has, well men tend to want what

 no other man has. Just find out what

 kind of man he is, then find a unique gift

 that matches his style.

Which kind of man are you buying for?

The Achiever?

This man goes for the gold all the time, 

he strives for the most financially rewarding

 career and won't settle for anything less

 than the most unique and high quality

 things in life.

The working man?

This is your average guy that doesn't 

mind doing a days work at the job and

 then still making enough time to take care

 of things around the house, enjoy a little

 social life, do some physical activities with 

the family and then kick back to watch 

some sports on TV.

He likes quality but appreciates value and

 is thankful for a gift that he will actually 

enjoy using rather than something that 

will just end up in a box in the attic.

 He also likes to show that he is a fan

 of whatever team, TV show or activity

 that he enjoys.

Gifts That He Will Really Love 

Adult Beverage Gifts

Guy Snacks     Romantic

Sports Gifts     Gadgets

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The techy is a very interesting person.

 They tend to be very meticulous and precision oriented people with great attention to detail but only if it is of something that they find to be important. They know exactly what they want and are willing to go to great ends to get it.

Here are a few tips to help you figure out

 the perfect gift for the tech geek on your list. Keep in mind that the tech fan usually will like anything that is in a area of interest to them but often have specific things in mind so the more information you can get out of them the better, even if it means listening to them talk about bits and bytes and stuff.

Unless the tech giftee gives you a specific item to get, don't guess or get what you think might be what they want. As we stated before, the techy has very is very specific so you are better off getting a fun tech themed gift for them rather than getting them something  that they will never use.

The tech fan is very often also a collector, often of sci-fi or fantasy items so you can't go wrong getting them a collectible gift of something they like. Gaming might also be one of their pastimes so anything gaming might be a great way to go.

Don't be afraid to get your techy a gift card. Tech fans often like gadgets and gizmo's and other unique things that may be a bit on the expensive side so you'll be doing them a big favor by helping them get that big gift that they really want.

Everything From Gadgets To Gaming

Science Gifts     Cool Gadgets

Gaming     Unique Stuff

Cool Car Tech

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Tasty Treats


Buying an edible gift should be one of the 

easiest gifts you have ever bought right? 

We not if you want it to be a memorable 

and appreciated gift. 

 Everyone eats but that doesn't mean 

that everyone likes the same things. 

Find out the basic likes of the giftee, do

 they like hot and spicy, sweet and 

savory, fruity and tropical or sour and 

tart if that floats their boat.  

A monthly gift club is always great.

The food oriented gift doesn't mean it has

 to be edible. Most people love getting 

interesting and fun thing to cook with

 instead of an actual edible treat.

Kitchen decor gifts, cool knife sets, 

kitchen gadgets or dinning room

 center pieces make for great gifts 

even if you can't eat them. And don't 

forget the gift of wine, beer, glassware 

or even a wall clock or piece of art.

Candies, Snacks And More

Sweet Treats

Steak Cheese And Jerky

For The Kitchen

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Unique And Weird


 This can be a tricky category to pick from,

 hence the name unique. First of all, get 

some basic information about the person

 your getting the gift for. 

Favorite snacks, sports, TV shows, hobbies,

 tastes, collections, home decor and fun 

things they like to do are all great starting 

points. Then simply look at a whole bunch 

of unique gifts. You may not find the exact 

one you like at first but you may find one

 that you kind of like then look at more

 stuff like it to find the perfect gift.

The unique gift doesn't have to be strange 

or weird, just unique to the person that 

your giving it to. So if they really like a

 certain thing, try focusing on that.

 Lets say they are a cat lover. Simply take 

a look at things for the cat lover and you 

may find the perfect gift right away. If not,

 at least you may get a good idea then find

 a similar cat gift that will be exactly what 

your looking for.  

Gifts That Really Stand Out. 

Unique And A Little Weird

Cat Lovers     Dog Lovers

Shot Glasses   Wine Glasses

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Cool Geeky Gifts


Ok, first things first. A geeky gift is similar 

but not the same as a techy gift. 

Although both types of gifts may apply to

 the same giftee in some cases they are 

a bit different. 

A Tech gift is often something that is 

used by someone that would also 

appreciate a geeky gift but a geeky gift

 is not always appreciated by a techy.

A geek loves to play video games, 

watch sci-fi movies and TV shows 

and play fantasy role playing games.

 But like the techy, the geek is usually 

a collector so that is generally a great

 start to look for a gift. 

They may like Harry Potter, Game 

of Thrones, Walking Dead or Super 

Heroes. Take a look into these categories 

and you should be able to find the perfect 

gift for your geeky giftee. When it comes to a geek, fun gifts are ideal.

For The Gamer Or Sci Fi Geek

Star Trek     Star Wars     Heros

Keyboards/Mice     Headsets

3D Visors     Fun Science Stuff

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Finding The Perfect Gift Made Easy

Things To Think About When Choosing A Gift

Don't wait till the last minute! Think about the person whenever you have a chance to. Think about what they do, what they like and who they enjoy being with. Think about the TV shows they watch, the movies that they go to see and the sports that they play.  

Think about their personality and what kind of gifts that would fit the way they look at things. 

If they have a bubbly personality and are free spirited, think about gifts that are cheerful and 

exciting. If they are more laid back and methodical, consider a gift that will be appreciated more for what it is rather than what it does.

Don't be that guest at the party that everyone knows who gives the same old boring generic gifts that they picked up on the way to the party. You don't have to spend a bundle to pick out an original and unique gift.

Football fans love their sports gifts but not a blah mug that says #1 football fan. 

They love stuff like a Glow In The Dark Football, a Football Helmet Chip Dish,

 Football Themed Playing Cards or Football Shaped Whisky Chilling Rocks. 

If they are a golfer try some unique Funny Golf Ball Markers, Wise Guy Golf Glove, 

Emoji Golf Balls or a Golf Cart Desk Clock.

If they are lovers of a fine wine don't get them a bottle of wine, get them a unique 

Fine Wine Bottle Holder. And if they love unicorns also, get them a Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder. 

And if you really like them, get them a  Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder with a set of 

Unique Wine Glasses to go with it. You get the idea.

Make An Idea List.

Start writing down any ideas for a gift that come to your mind right from the beginning, don't hold back, it's called brainstorming and there are no bad ideas at this point so just let your mind go crazy even if the ideas seem a little weird. 

Very often the really strange ideas that you first thought were kinda weird will turn out to be the best or at least lead to something that will be just what you are looking for. 

Your idea list doesn't have to be too specific, we will work on boiling it down latter. A generalized list will work fine for now so just make note of their basic habits, likes, tastes, routines and preferences. 

In other words, goes to the gym (habit), loves cats and waterfalls (likes), white pizza and red wine (tastes), always checks out yard sales for collectible stuff (routine) and thinks that scientific jokes are funny (preference).

Keep this list with you so you can add to it at any time and keep it even after you have made your decision and purchased a gift for the person your gifting for so you can use it again the next time your looking for a gift for this person. Birthdays come every year so it won't be long before your going to be searching for a gift for the same person again.

If you've seen it before, they probably have too.

That pretty much says it all! If you start looking for a gift for someone and you say to yourself "hey I saw that at Bobs birthday party" or " I remember when Joe got one of those" then the person your looking for a gift for may very well have seen it before as well.

But if you go "WOW check that out, I've never seen one of those before", chances are very good that the giftee will go "WOW" also. And that is what we all want people to do when they open our gift to them right.

A unique gift doesn't mean strange or freaky unless that is what your shooting for. Unique can just mean choosing a kitchen knife set that has cool graphics on the blades rather than just plain silver. Or a garden gnome that is being very naughty instead of waving "HELLO".

If you've made a list of the persons likes, tastes and other ideas you should be able to find something that they will love but still be original and eye popping when they open it. 

This is the most fun part of the whole process. 

When your looking around for them you will come across all kinds of cool stuff that you should make note of as ideas for other people on your list that you will need to be shopping for soon enough. And probably see a few things that you can treat yourself to while your at it.

High price does not equal great gift.

Even if price is not an issue for you when deciding on a gift for someone, don't think that the more expensive gift will win their gratitude just because of the price. 

Most of the time the most appreciated gift that someone receives is not the most expensive one.  If you give some thought to finding a unique gift that truly fits the person your getting it for you will find an abundance of great gifts that you can get and still have plenty left over for a gift for yourself or a second gift or accessory for the giftee. 

If you are on a budget like most of us, don't think cheap, think clever.

You will be amazed at how many great gifts you can find for a small price that still pack a big WOW factor along with being enjoyable for a long time. Simple things like funny refrigerator magnets or unusual garden gnomes or even beautiful wall art can be a great gift without breaking the bank.

But if you do find that one fantastic gift that you really want to get for that special friend but it's a little out of your price range, don't be afraid to ask other people to chip in and give the gift from all of you. 

Most people will be more than happy to fork over a few bucks to have their name included on such a great gift that they didn't even have to spend any time looking for.

Add your own personal touch.

No matter what it is that you end up choosing for the giftee, be sure to make the presentation memorable and the opening of the gift to be as exciting as the gift itself.

Since you've done your homework already, don't stop short of being the best gift giver ever. Get wrapping paper that is their favorite color or has a theme that they love even if it doesn't have anything to do with what is inside.

 But if you can wrap the gift in a way that relates to the gift inside that's even better. Add something to the presentation of the gift that is specifically yours, a common interest that you share or even a picture of yourself can be a nice touch to make the gift opening even more fun for the receiver.

If you have chosen something that has accessories available for it, consider adding one on the outside of the gift in it's own separate box that is attached to the primary gift box. You can have them open the accessory first to stir up their interest in what the main gift might be. 

Whatever you decide to do to make the opening an experience in itself, at least do a little something that will set your gift apart from all the others sitting on the table waiting for the big moment.

Still Not Sure Where To Start?

We have searched long and hard to select 

the best and most unique gift items to 

feature on our site but if your still not 

seeing just the right gift, check 


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Some Major factors when searching for a great gift.

Steps to choosing a great gift for anyone.

 Some Major factors to consider when searching for a great gift. 

1. What does the person really want to receive as a gift?  

I know that sounds like a silly question but if you think about it, how many gifts have you received over the years that are now sitting on the back of a closet shelf or worse yet, they are stuffed in a box somewhere in the attic.  

Yes they might like Baseball or Horses or whatever but that does not mean that they will want a gift about either one of those topics.  

Just because someone likes something does not mean that it is a good idea for a gift to give to them. Now if you can find something that relates to something that they like and is something that they will actually use, that may be a much better place to start.  

Remember the old phrase about it just being "one more thing to dust". Don't be that person that gives dust collector gifts to people. Instead, be that person that that people mention when people ask them where they got that great whatever. 

Also, if you already know a few of their favorite interests, chances are many other people do as well and they have already received all of the more common gifts related to that interest. 

So if you want to get them something that relates to something that is commonly known to be a topic that they like your going to have to do some digging to find a very unique gift relating to that topic. 

2. Try cross interest gift searching. 

What I mean by cross interest gift searching is to look for something that is related to more than one interest that the gift receiver has. Lets say the gift receiver likes Baseball as we mentioned earlier.

Now ask yourself some questions about the gift receiver. 

What other sports do they like? 

What is there favorite team? 

Do they like to play Baseball or do they just like to watch it on television? 

If they play Baseball, what position do they play? 

Since Baseball is a seasonal sport, what other sports do they enjoy the rest of the year? 

All these questions will help you to come up with plenty of great ideas that will relate to Baseball but not restrict it to just Baseball. Try taking the answers to questions like these, mix and match them and your sure to come up with a great gift that they will actually want.

3. Do you really know the person well enough to choose a good gift? 

This part sounds really easy but sometimes it can be the toughest part of buying a gift for somebody. What this question is really asking is if the person likes funny gifts that will make them laugh for years to come or are they more serious about things and would appreciate a more subtle gift that would only mean a lot to them. Are they the type that likes a little bling in their gift or do the admire a more traditional classy type look. All these questions are important to consider if you want to really make their day. 

To help you identify these qualities in the person your shopping for take notice of things that they already have and trends that they may have like how they dress, where do they shop, how they decorate their house and how they maintain their vehicle and so on.  This may seem like an awful lot of work but if you start taking notice of these things way ahead of time it won't seem like all that much at all. Matter of fact, just spending one afternoon with a person can often tell you enough to get a good idea of what things they might like to receive as a gift. 

If you spend some time with them and don't pick up on any of these type of clues, then start talking to other people that spend time with them on a regular basis. Co-workers might seem to be a good source of this information but people tend to act a little different in the work place so the information that you get there may not be all that helpful. Try friends that they have at the gym or a club that they go to. Neighbors and friends that they have know for a long time are always a great source of this kind of information. Don't be afraid, just come out and say, " I'm trying to figure out a great gift to get John  for his birthday, any ideas?". It may be as simple as that, if they are friends with John they will be happy to help you figure out a great gift for him. Heck they might even help you find it and chip in for it if it's a really good one.

4. Consider the age of the person.

When I say consider the age of the person that your choosing a gift for, I don't say that just to help you choose a gift by how old they are now, but also to think about what things may interest them from their past. 

For example, people tend to be at their height of music appreciation during their teenage years going into their twenties so if the person was in their twenties during the 80's, you may consider getting them music memorabilia from that decade. What bands did they like and what type of music did they listen to back then and do they still listen to the same music today? 

What games where hot when they were in their teens and do they have fond memories about certain games that you think they might want to play again. Look for the original game or maybe an anniversary edition of that game. 

Maybe they were collectors of something when they were younger? Did they collect statues of horses,comic books,fantasy art or maybe baseball cards. Ask their relatives and I'm sure you'll find out some almost forgotten loves from their past that they would love to take part in again.

You may also want to look for a more adult version of something from their past? If they enjoyed art as a child, get them a adult coloring book. Maybe they were big into building things with interlocking blocks, take a look for adult building blocks and so on.

You'll soon find that finding out just a few key things about what a persons interests were in the past can open up a flood of ideas for getting them a great and much appreciated gift now and in the future.

Some categories to consider.

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