Aries, The Ram. March 21 - April 19

Aries, The Ram

Unlike the traditional twelve month calendar, the twelve signs of the zodiac all start with Aries. 

The gift for the Aries sign giftee should mirror their strong desire to include their input into any situation. The Aries giftee will want other people to sit up and take notice of the new item that they have received, but not just any old item. 

The gift that an Aries will be most appreciative of will be a gift that represents themselves. It must be about a belief that is dear to them or an attribute about them that they enjoy letting others know about. 

People born under Aries tend to like to include something about themselves into any discussion or event. They desperately want to be a part of everything around them to get some recognition for anything that relates to them. 

The Aries doesn't actually like to brag about themselves because they want others to think that their opinions or tastes are better than other peoples, they want everyone to know that their opinions and tastes ARE better than everyone else's. 

An Aries may say that they love something that you have just to get a little attention focusing towards them so do not take what they say they like as a clue to a specific thing that they would like to receive, rather think about what that thing represented at the time that they said they liked it. 

Was it because people were gasping at the beauty of it or were they saying oooo and ahhh because it was a very uncommon item, or was it simply because it was very useful or helpful to the owner. 

So when choosing a gift for an Aries, try to choose a unique gift that makes a bold statement about them to others without saying a word.


Taurus, The Bull. April 20 - May 20

Taurus, The Bull

Just as the name sugests, taurus the bull is strong above all other atributes. Not meaning that they are necessarily physically strong but they are strong-willed, hence their most commonly know trait of being very stubborn. 

You will find that the Taurus will defend their opinion fiercely, simpley because it is theirs and they will give little merit to others opinions for no apparent reason other than the fact that it is not their opinion.

Getting into an argument with a taurus over a difference in opinion is more than likely to be a losing battle right from the get go.

Choosing a gift for a Taurus can be much more difficult than for people under other signs if you are choosing a gift base just on their basic likes or interests. 

The Taurus does not just want a camera, they want the specific brand and model camera that they have decided is the only camera that they want to own. And don't even try to get them a lens, carrying case or tripod to go with it unless you know exactly which one they already have decided on. 

Fortunately you can use this stubborness to your advantage when getting them a gift. Just ask them what they want and they will very likely be happy to tell you exactly what they want, what model they want and which accessories they are interested in getting to go with it. 

If you try to guess what they want and don't nail it right on the head, they will likely smile politely, tell you that they love it and then put it in the back of the closet where it will stay.


Gemini, The Twins. May 21 - June 20

Gemini, The Twins

The Gemini is always looking into something new and checking on the next big thing while not forgetting the stuff that they were interested in six months ago but then the stuff they used to be interested in a year ago may no longer be something that they would like to receive a gift about. 

If you would like to get them something relating to a long term interest of a Gemini, be sure that it is something that they show signs of liking in the future as well.

Gemini personalities are very complicated and can be a bit confusing. They can seem to have no particular direction and no firm position on things. The Gemini wants to take in everything around them without missing a thing. 

They may tend to start many things but not seem to finish any of them. But this is not really the case, the Gemini will look into many things at any given time but then choose which ones to continue with based mostly on how a topic can keep their attention. 

They will skim over many things before focusing on just one, they will also choose their friends and likes in the same fashion. This may make the gift choosing process for a Gemini a bit difficult. 

Try to get something that you know is a current interest for them, a TV show, book series or sport activity are usually good choices.


Cancer, The Crab. June 21 - July 22

Cancer, The Crab

The Cancer giftee is usually a very emotional person that is not afraid to express it to others on a regular basis.

 They act in accordance to how they currently feel so one key factor that is highly recommended when choosing a gift for someone of this sign is to be absolutely sure to give it to them when they are in a good mood. Don't try to cheer them up with a gift, talk to them and get them to relax first and then consider handing them your gift. 

The wrapping and presenting of the gift should be an event, this will build up their expectations and hopefully get them in a good mood which will make them more likely to appreciate the gift.

The Cancer is known as the crab for good reason. Just as they tend to react positively to receiving a gift when they are in good spirits, they can be an absolute crab to even the best gift if that is the current emotion that they are feeling. 

It can be nerve-racking to choose a gift for a Cancer if you know them well because they tend not to let things go easily. 

In other words, if they don't like your gift because they are in a bad mood when they opened it, they may look at you as not caring enough to choose a perfect gift even though you did your best. 


Leo, The Lion. July 23 - August 22

Leo, The Lion

The most pronounced attribute of the Leo is most certainly their ego. Some Leos will boldly show off their pride and flaunt their qualities for all to see. 

The Leo has the biggest ego above all others, but some are better at controlling it than others. Some take pride in more material things and therefore they will strive for money and items so others can see how successful they are. 

Others take more pride in better qualities like their modesty and honesty and they will work very hard to maintain a highly respectable reputation which will satisfy their huge egos. Both extremes of these Leo types will tend to like to learn many talents to entertain others or simply to prove to themselves that they can do anything that they put their mind to.

The sun best describes the Leo as it is big, bright, full of fire and tends to be the center of attention for everyone around. 

For the most part, the Leo is very likable. They have a lot of charisma and have no problem making friends and keeping them. People like to be with them and some will even compete for their friendship with other friends. 

This does not mean that you have to get them a bigger and better gift than anyone else, it simply means that you should try to get a more meaningful gift than others might get. Make it something that tells them that you know them well and went to great lengths to get them something that they would definitely enjoy.


Virgo, The Virgin. August 23 - September 22

Virgo, The Virgin

Dedicated, committed and meticulous are the three words that usually best describe a Virgo. They will persist and work through difficulties that others would just give up on in order to achieve success in anything that they decide is worth doing. 

They care deeply for the ones that they love and will gladly deprive themselves in order to do anything for someone that is important to them. They are friends for life! 

Even if you have not seen each other for many years they will welcome you with open arms and treat you as if they just saw you the day before. Only if they are wronged in a dramatic way will they give up on a friendship.

When they work, they will work hard and long to go above and beyond what is required to make sure that it is done well and they will go over their work several times to be sure they didn't miss a thing. 

Their dedication to detail can work in your favor when searching for a great gift for them. An interesting puzzle will be a challenge to them that they will attack full force and love every moment they spend solving it. 

An activity type gift will give them something that they can use their committed talents for over and over again. Also something that they will use often to achieve a regular task (like cooking) will be appreciated by them a lot for a long time.


Libra, The Scales. September 23 - October 22

Libra, The Scales

The Libra is wrongly known as being selfish and self-serving. The 2 faced reputation of the Libra is a little harsh and should not be taken so literally.

 The Libra is the ultimate friend maker and socializing master. They are super able to meet anybody and instantly be liked by the average person. Part of the reason that they have this ability to do this is their taking great pride in their appearance. 

They tend to be quite vain and concerned about beauty in general. This ability can make some Libras seem pompous and stuck up but in reality, they are very generous and giving because it is very important for them to be accepted by others and they will go the extra mile to make others like them. 

Because of this, they tend to really appreciate when someone else goes out of their way to go the extra mile to please them.

Harmony, stability, and balance are very important to a Libra. They strive for an even and consistent lifestyle and to maintain a balance of their surroundings including the people that they associate with. 

They will greatly appreciate any gift that will bring uniformity to their lives or something that evens out any part of their lives. Sets of things are usually great gifts for them as they prefer multiples for balance rather than single items without a counterpart.


Scorpio, The Scorpion. October 23 - November 21

Scorpio, The Scorpion

The Scorpio has also been called the detective of the zodiac. A Scorpio is someone that will search for the truth in everything. They will over analyze and pick apart things, searching for that one flaw that they are certain is in there somewhere. 

They will take the simplest and most innocent thing and try to tear it apart because they are determined to find out what is wrong or deceitful about it. They will not just do this with objects but also with people and situations. 

If they are invited to a party simply to have fun, they will think that they were invited more to make someone else happy rather than for them to have a good time at the party.

This may be the hardest zodiac sign to gift for. The obsessive nature of the Scorpio will make the nit pick any gift to figure out what they don't like about it, or why you could have done better when choosing a gift for them. They may not actually say any of this but they have a way of letting you know. 

Be sure that the gift is very unique, the Scorpio will want something that no one else has so they can truly call it theirs alone. Also they want something physical. Sentiment and thought won't go very far with them. 

They want something that they can hold in their hands or display for all to see, it's not so much vanity, it's mostly that they tend to see value in physical objects rather than digital gifts or gifts that are all about the thought. If the gift has a personal touch to it that has meaning to the two of you, that's even better.


Sagittarius, The Archer. November 22 - December 21

Sagittarius, The Archer

Stay out of their way! 

The Sagittarius can be like a bull charging through life. They see a goal and they charge at full speed towards that goal. They can be super achievers if their goals are ones that will advance themselves to be that way. 

Unfortunately they are not always very selective of what goals they are pursuing. One day they may be striving to make more money and a month later their main obsession is getting their kitchen in order. 

They appear very confident in their abilities because they truly believe that they are. Don't try to explain to them that the world is round when they know without a shadow of a doubt that the world is flat. 

They are excellent learners when they want to learn something new that will help them achieve something that they want but they will hold strong to what they think they know to be true even if you insist that they are wrong.

If you really want to make a Sagittarius happy with your gift, be very sure to instill to them that what they like is the best. Simply put, if they prefer white wine, don't get them something that has to do with wine unless you are reinforcing to them that the best type of wine is white wine and everyone should love white wine. 

You can get them something for wine lovers in general but be sure to wrap it in wrapping paper with pictures of white wine on it.


Capricorn, The Goat. December 22 - January 19

Capricorn, The Goat

The hardest working sign in the zodiac business!

We all know someone that is a workaholic, they are dedicated to their work and very disciplined to accomplish a job well done. 

The Capricorn tends to have trouble loosening up after the workday has ended, they are in the habit of taking their work home with them and may dwell on the challenges they are dealing with at work outside the workplace. a Capricorn is not easily broken out of a serious mood. 

If they have something of importance on their mind, they will want to work through it before allowing themselves to relax. 

This work ethic of theirs may often be misconstrued as being grumpy or irritable but in reality, they are just doing what they believe to be the responsible thing to do. Once the Capricorn is able to relax, they will dive into something they enjoy full force and enjoy it to the fullest.  

This dedication to their work can work for you as well when it comes to choosing a gift for a Capricorn. Get a feeling for how they feel about their work if they love their work then, by all means, they will love a gift that reminds them of work or something that they will be able to use for their work. 

An office accessory for their desk, a fun sticky post pad or tool for work will be much appreciated. 

If they don't like their work so much, find something for them that is so far away from their work subject that there is no way they will think about work when they think of you gift.


Aquarius, The Water Bearer. January 20 - February 18

Aquarius, The Water Bearer

One of a kind. Spotlight PLEASE!

The Aquarius loves the limelight. They are generally the happiest when everyone is paying attention to them. They will take praise willingly even if they don't really deserve it because they believe that they are special and everybody should recognize that. Getting into an argument with an Aquarius is asking for a battle of opinions. 

They will do and say anything they can to sway you to their way of thinking even for the smallest of subjects. They don't just want to be right, they what to enlighten you with their wisdom and fulfill you with their incredible insight.


The Aquarius always feels that they are being helpful to you when they give you their opinion about something, and they will encourage you to share the valuable knowledge they have instilled upon you with other. This can make gift giving to an Aquarius very easy once you have their tastes in mind. 

If they are into sports you can get them a sports gift related to their favorite team, which is of course the best team. Or look into getting them something about their favorite TV show, movie, or hobby. 

Just remember the theme here, their favorite anything is the best anything there is. Period!


Pisces, The Fish. February 19 - March 20

Pisces, The Fish

The Daydreamer!   

Mostly sticking to themselves or hanging primarily with a specific small group, the Pisces prefers to stay clear of the random chaos of the outside world. 

Leaning to the introverted side, they will communicate with others without any problems until they are confronted with the unpredictable aspects of the dealing with too many people that they don't know or situations that they are not familiar with. 

They are extremely caring and empathetic towards others, even if they don't know them but will prefer not to get involved with strangers unless they absolutely have too.   

If you know the Pisces well, you should have a very easy time choosing a gift for them but if they are just an acquaintance you may want to ask some of their friends for advice on what to get them. 

A few key things to keep in mind about gift shopping for the Pisces is that if the gift is something relating to something that they have been interested in for a long period of time, they will embrace it immediately without a second thought. 

But if it is something new to them they may thank you and just set it aside. You don't have to search high and low for that really strange or outrageous gift, just get something of quality that will add a little bit of joy to their day today and down the road.